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Parent-Child Relationships
When parents and children feel emotionally connected the wellbeing of families increases. The foundation for wellbeing is strong relationships. Treasure Time is a digital course to increase parent and child emotional wellbeing through the power of child led play!
For parents who want to help their children grow up happy
We all want our children to grow up happy and healthy with the best start. As grown-ups, we also need to nurture our wellbeing and look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Treasure Time have found the magic recipe that helps parents and children connect through play. Children who have strong connections are proven to be more resilient and strive as adults. Evidence shows academically, socially and economically they are more successful and also have an ability to develop more positive relationships as they grow up. You are their most favourite play mate in the whole world, and playing can also be a brilliant stress reliever for you too. Giving your undivided attention is priceless. Treasure Time help you to make it magical.
What can you expect?
•  8 modules of fun instructional videos for parents and children to help you get the most out of time together

• 6 fun playdates for you and your child to play together where you’ll become a Black Belt Play Ninja and your child will learn emotional development and life skills

•  Helping grown-ups to stop, be in the moment and remember how to play through the eyes of the child

•  Learn the skills to become a play expert and help change your behaviour to benefit inside and outside of the play

•  A framework to understand yourself and your child better through play and connection

•  Learn evidence based techniques to improve communication with your child

•  Join Treasure Time Parents Facebook Group for ongoing support and live Q&A with our Play Experts