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Stress can have a big impact on your physical health, emotional wellbeing and performance in all aspects of your life. MyMindPal is a mental fitness app that helps keep your mind in tip-top shape and take the edge off of life’s challenges. And it’s completely FREE for you to download and use today. 

Use the MyMindPal app to create your very own 5 minute a day routine to support you in whatever life throws your way.  

Simple exercises, anytime anywhere, that help you: 

- Increase your positivity

- Reduce your stress levels

- Learn to live in the present moment

- Bounce back from the tough times

“Just five minutes per day of Mental Fitness exercise can make a big difference to your future mental health.” 

Co-Founder of MyMindPal™ – therapist Khody Damestani

Download MyMindPal and register using the FREE Vivup code JNVIV20.

Available on iOS and Android.